Мой Эдем пахнет дымом ментоловых сигарет, И звучит J-Rock-ом в стареньком телефоне.
It was a mysterious Halloween Night
Little Miss Darkness had come on light
She felt so lonely
She was upset
Her brother's body
Was found in a bed.
The guy was so handsome
And he was young
But he was shot by fanatical gang
Five cruel gorillas had caught him to trap
And he was just able to take his last step.

And when he was beaten
And finally dead
His pure heart was eaten
Without regret.
They packed in a hurry
His mortal remains
Without some worry
With calmness in brains
They came to his house
And put corpse to bed
As quiet as a mouse
Which stole uncle's bread.

Next day he was found
And there was deep grief
And Little Miss Darkness
Was seeking relief.
She sat at the gravestone
And started to cry
Friends let her alone
Without good-bye.

And she didn't know
What for should she live
All broke with one blow
She could not believe.
The girl came back home
And went to the bed
Her neighbour - Jerome
Found Little Miss dead..

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